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What We Do?

Fresh Fruits Export

We export fresh fruits all over the world. We grow our own products as well as cooperate with agro-companies & farmers in the different counties. We make selection and quality control according to the international quality standards, we pack production to easy-to-transport containers and organizing delivery products to the customers. Greens Export – is Fruit and Vegetable exporter to many countries World Wide.

Fresh Vegetable Export

We are one of the top-notch Exporters of Fresh vegetables from Pakistan. We serve the market with potato, onion, green chilly, bitter gourd, okra, tomato, peas and many other kinds. Our procurement procedure is backed by extensive market research. Not only do we lay emphasis on procurement, but we also ensure that the products are delivered on time and in a safe way to various parts of the globe.

Logistic & Custom Clearance

Greens Export has its own logistics department and the vehicle fleet, we provide transportation services to our customers. We organize deliveries of our products to any convenient point in the World. Also, we perform a full customs clearance of our products in almost all countries of Europe and Asia. We have our own network of Custom Service agencies located throughout Asia as well as good partners in other countries.

Natural food is taken from the world's most modern farms with strict safety cycles
Use Top food for a chance to be featured
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Greens Export
Greens Export
Greens Export
Greens Export
Greens Export
Greens Export

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