One of the fruits which our company export is watermelon. We are the watermelon suppliers to the domestic Pakistani market and exporter to the international markets of Europe & Asia. The main varieties of watermelon we export are Stratus and Crimson Sweet. We provide to our customers a full export process including packaging, quality control, delivery, and customs clearance. Greens Export is a proven fresh fruits exporter, we working with reliable farmers only and give a guarantee for the quality and freshness of our production.

Watermelon is considered a berry, it has an oval shape and usually being dark green color. The flesh is red and has a sweet taste. All watermelons are grown in different sizes. Weight varies from 5 to 20kg. Most often, watermelons using in fresh form, but it’s possible to find recipes in different cuisines where watermelons preparing salted or pickled.

The fruit of this plant is a dietary product. It contains about 35 calories per 100 grams. This fruit is the perfect cleaner of the body and a great remover of toxins. Everyone likes the taste of watermelon in Summer – this feature makes this fruit very profitable goods for watermelon suppliers.



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