We have a formalised system of four stages to carefully scrutinize all our products to complement the needs of our clients.

Stage 1 - Farm visits

The process of quality check starts right from the farm. We have a dedicated team that goes on farm visits throughout Pakistan and interacts with farmers to obtain their opinions on the quality of soil and suitable weather conditions for new crops.

Stage 2 - Raw material acquisition

The second stage involves the procurement of raw materials. All basic materials are acquired with immense care from either the market or directly from the farmers.

Stage 3 - Processing and packaging

Next, we have a team of specialists wholly for processing, packing and loading. Throughout the procedure we are extremely alert to make sure no extraneous matter are spotted in our cargo.

Stage 4 - Shipping

Finally, for the shipping process we use third party certification and also in house checklists to inspect every container we use to ship the cargo. All containers are thoroughly checked to meet the food safety standards before transportation.