Lady Finger


Ladyfinger which is also known as Okra or Ochro is mucilaginous and is slimy and gluey when it is cooked. Uncooked ladyfinger is 90% water, 7% carbohydrates, 2% protein and has almost no fat in it. Ladyfinger is used in foods in many ways; it can be eaten uncooked, cooked, as a pickle, and in salads. The taste is highly likable. Greens exports top-quality ladyfingers to the whole world at low rates.

We are proud to offer premium quality Lady Finger (Okra), as part of our Fresh Vegetable Range. With the abundance of medicinal value rooted in Green Lady Finger, we strive to keep the freshness and nutritional value in its genuine form Free from any chemicals or contamination our Lady Fingers are popular for good taste and high nutritional content.

We are believed to be the most trusted Lady Finger Exporters from Pakistan. Besides this, we provide the availability of Fresh Lady Finger in various quantities and at affordable prices.

Lady Finger
Lady Finger


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Lady Finger

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