Fresh Tomatoes


Tomato export takes the leading position of all our export amount throughout the year. We export tomatoes during the autumn, winter and spring seasons, our fresh tomatoes can be found in many retail networks and markets of different countries. Tomato is the first vegetable that our company started to export from Pakistan. At this moment we are the main tomato exporters to the East European countries, the coverage of our supplies continues to expand. In the nearest plan is to enter the markets of Central and West European countries and to the Middle East and Asia.

Tomato is a dietary product and has good taste qualities. The average calorific capacity is around 20 calories in 100g of product. Tomato is consisting B group vitamins, a large number of carotenoids and various organic acids. The choline content in tomatoes – helps to reduce the level of blood cholesterol level, improves the immune system and increases the formation of hemoglobin. All these advantages, make it most favorite for tomato buyers in the cold part of the year.

Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh Tomatoes


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Fresh Tomatoes

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