Fresh Cucumber


Our Company is a large cucumber exporter. We export fresh cucumber to various retail networks and markets across Europe and Asia. Big experience of work in many markets, saving time and simplify all the nuances to our customers.

Cucumber, unlike other vegetables, contains a few nutrients and consists mainly of water. However, high palatability creates a great demand for this product in many countries. Cucumber is an important product for the fresh vegetable markets for its wide as in food, as well as cosmetic production.

Cucumber is one of the most low-calorie products. It contains 14kcal per 100 gram. The size and weight of the cucumber depend on its variety. You can find a list of varieties we sell and the properties on this page below. The homeland of this vegetable is considered to be India, but the accuracy of this information still has not been confirmed.

Fresh Cucumber
Fresh Cucumber


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Fresh Cucumber

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