Parameters Value
Oil content 60 - 65% Minimum
Fat Content 63% - 65% Minimum
Fatty Acid Free 0.3%max
Moisture 3.% max
Salmonella Negative
E. Coli Negative

Fruit of the coconut palm, which grows throughout the lowland tropics. The fruit has a large outer husk of fibres, which is removed and used to make coconut matting and ropes. Inside this is the nut which is exported to temperate countries. Its hard shell contains white flesh and clear coconut milk, both of which are tasty and nourishing. (Cocos nucifera, family Arecaceae). The white flesh of the coconut can be eaten fresh, or it can be dried before extracting the oil which makes up nearly two-thirds of it. The oil is used to make soap and margarine and in cooking; the remains are used in cattle feed.

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