Caulie Flower


Our company is a cauliflower exporter to European and Asian markets. We export caulie flowers to large cauliflower retailers and various companies around the globe. We provide full support and supervision provided vegetables. We guarantee the quality and freshness of our products, as well as provide delivery and custom clearance services. All fruits and vegetables that we export – have a quality certificate and all the necessary export documents.

Cauliflower contains compounds that help prevent cancer. These compounds increase the activity of enzymes that disable and eliminate carcinogens. Vitamins, fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron… cauliflower has many healthful things in its favor! Cauliflower is naturally low in calories, stimulating, and even an appetite-suppressant making them a perfect diet food. It is a source of energy and a natural boost to the body’s defenses.

Caulie Flower
Caulie Flower


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Caulie Flower

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